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Collected inspirations, cool stuff, and my (Stephanie Vanelli) original print designs.

I live in Austin, see a lot of movies, and buy too many prints. You can contact me by hitting the little email button below.

All of my work is located under the #my work tag.


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Day 7: Rewind This! by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

Designed this as the base for posters and post cards for some friends VHS inspired art show.


Decided to take a stab at creating my own Fake Criterion cover

(via fakecriterions)

Day 6: Mass Effect (Tali) by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

Tali is my favorite character in Mass Effect so…


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure by Mark Welser

(via filmspired-deactivated20110322)

Day 4: Capitol City of Panem Tourism Poster Rebel Alt (Hunger Games) by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

Click here to see a clean version (no mockingjay).

Click here to see a blue alt of the clean version.


Toy Story Minimalist Poster

Day 3: Alt movie poster for Once by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

Day 1:  Font Alphabet

An alphabet of common fonts.  Created by Stephanie Vanelli (me).

Minimalist movie poster for Empire.  Love the texture.


Minimalistic movie poster for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Artist: Joe Haddad (Tumblr)

Ad: Buy a Star Wars movie poster at

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Cool print by Steve Scott.

Check out this and other prints by Steve Scott on Zazzle.

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