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Collected inspirations, cool stuff, and my (Stephanie Vanelli) original print designs.

I live in Austin, see a lot of movies, and buy too many prints. You can contact me by hitting the little email button below.

All of my work is located under the #my work tag.


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Birdemic by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

You can buy it here.

A poster for The Enchantment Under the Sea dance, inspired by Back to the Future.  By me, Stephanie Vanelli.

You can buy it on Etsy

Fancy Robot by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

You can buy it here:

Hey followers!  I have opened an Etsy shop and posted up some of my prints for purchase.  Several are still to be posted (including Rewind This! and the Shaun of the Dead print) so check back if you don’t see your favorite design listed!

Winter’s Bone by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

This is part three in a series devoted to this year’s nominees for the Best Picture Academy Award.

True Grit by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

Second of a series of designs devoted to this year’s nominees for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Toy Story 3 by me, Stephanie Vanelli.

This is the first in a a series devoted to this year’s best picture nominees.

Short Hiatus

Hello followers! I am taking a short hiatus from my daily design project.  In addition to the week I just took off, I need to focus on finishing a website for some friends.  I’ll be back soon with more movie poster goodness!


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Arizona Shootings Reaction
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Amazingly thoughtful reaction to the Arizona shootings.

Day 8: Once Alternate Movie Poster by me (Stephanie Vanelli)

This is the second of three Once posters I’ve made.  This one was requested by a friend of mine.

Sorry I’m behind on postings.  I’m on vacation and let myself have a couple of days break.  Catching up today!

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